Volume 10, Issue 2, February 2017

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Table of Contents

Corporate Social Responsibility

Investigating the Nexus of Corporate Social Responsibility and Brand Equity : A Systematic Review
Anupam Singh, Priyanka Verma 7-25
Total views: 447

Strategic Decision Making

Measuring Uncertainty and its Strategic Implications
Amit Kundu, Arabinda Bhattacharya 26-40
Total views: 226

Human Resources Management

Evolving Human Resource Landscape of the Indian Retail Sector : Bridging the Skill-Gap
Shruti Tripathi, Shalini Gautam, Ankur Lal 41-52
Total views: 464

Organizational Management

Quantification of the Impact of Big Five Personality Traits on Political Skills
Akanksha Dubey, Mrinalini Pandey 53-62
Total views: 367