Volume 9, Issue 2, February 2016

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Table of Contents

Organizational Behavior

Impact of Organizational Citizenship Behavior on Managerial Effectiveness  | 
Vivek S. A. 7-18
Total views: 2236

Organizational Management

Examining the Impact of Organizational Culture on Customer Centricity in Organizations:An Analysis  | 
Madhura Bedarkar, Deepika Pandita, Ravi Agarwal, Rupinder Saini 19-28
Total views: 2695

International Business

A Comparative Analysis of Foreign Trade of BRICS Countries  | 
Kalpana Singh 29-40
Total views: 1216

Human Resources Management

Employee Perception on the Role of HR for Creating and Managing Employer Branding towards its Brand:An Explorative Study  | 
Srinibash Dash, J. Mohapatra 41-54
Total views: 969