Volume 7, Issue 8, 2014

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Table of Contents

Environmental Management

Managerial Perceptions of a Low Carbon Economy: A Study  | 
Sujit Dutta, Sujit Kumar Roy 7-20
Total views: 617

Human Resources Management

Analysis of Performance Appraisal Systems Used in the Manufacturing Industries of Punjab  | 
Rajiv Khosla, Ramandeep Saini 21-31
Total views: 1066
Job Satisfaction of Workers: An Empirical Study in the Manufacturing Sector of Punjab  | 
Amardeep Kaur Ahluwalia, Kamal Preet 32-44
Total views: 999

Tourism Management

Need of Marketing of India as a Tourist Destination: Evaluation of India's Performance in Tourism  | 
Amitabh Mishra, Nisha Kant Ojha 45-54
Total views: 1719