Volume 7, Issue 11, 2014

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Table of Contents

Environmental Management

Green Banking: An Approach Towards Environmental Management  | 
Kanak Tara, Saumya Singh 7-20
Total views: 4148

Human Resources Management

A Study on the Status of Working Conditions of Child Labourers Employed in Hotels and Restaurants of Silchar Town, Assam  | 
Dinesh Kumar Pandiya, Brajesh Kumar, Rajib Roy 21-29
Total views: 795

Data Analysis and Decision Making

Poka Yoke Software Design: A Case Study on "Software for Vicarious Calibration of Optical Earth Observation Sensors"  | 
Yogdeep Desai, Nilam Panchal 30-39
Total views: 1062

Rural Management

A Study on Status of Farm Power and Scope of Farm Mechanization in the Agro-Climatic Zone of Chhattisgarh Plains  | 
A. K. Chandraker, V. M. Victor, D. Khalkho 40-48
Total views: 3391