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A Review of Sustainable Human Resource Management in Schools


  • Director, EDWIS Education and Consultancy Services, Kolar Road, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India


This paper discusses a theoretical framework developed for strategic human resource management in the context of Indian school education establishments, thereby enabling them to be more attractive, performance driven, and student oriented. There is a growing concern of teacher shortages in India and as per some of the recent reports, it has also severely affected the pupil-teacher ratio across the country. As such, schools need to manage their workforce strategically in order to attract and retain best of the available talent. This can be supported through the proposed strategic human resource management model for schools. Such type of a model when supported by programs customized to the characteristics, vision, and objectives of schools will have wider scope for other education systems too. Moreover, some of the human resource management strategies, which can be effective in raising the overall attraction and retention of teachers in public schools are also discussed.


Pupil Teacher Ratio, Attraction, Retention, Strategic Planning, Human Resourcing, Mission, Vision, Primary Schools, Performance Accountability

M12, M20, M51, M52

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